Murder 101

Cabin In the Woods

Crank 2: High Voltage                    


Divas of Novella                            


Kickin It Old Skool

Eye of the Beholder

Story by Amy Niles


Alpha Dog


The Heartbreak Cafe

Road Rage

Spoils of War



The X Factor

America's Got Talent

Latin American Music Awards

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Abby Lee's Dance Moms

Global News

Good Morning Texas

TV Guide's Fashion Team

American Music Awards

Country Music Awards

Alma Awards

Guy's Choice Awards

Star Trek: Enterprise



NBA All-Star Half-Time Show w/ BEYONCE

Celebrity Fit Club

Blue Collar TV

The Jerry Lewis Telethon

The Hollow Men "Stars 2000" - Popkomm Gala Concert

"The Early Show - Live in Concert w/ EWF"

BET St Lucia Jazz Festival w/EWF

Sexiest Bachelor's in America

Show of Hearts" Variety Club Telethon

"Party Mania" "Daytime"



Disney "Pepsi" w/ Britney Spears (5 spots)

"Sprite" Nationwide w/ MC Hammer

"Mervyn's" w/ Holly Robinson

"Lux Shampoo" / Keira Knightly

PNE Coca-Cola Parade

"Jorge Morales" promo

Homestyle Bakes

AB Tuck PRO Infomercial

Karen Voight's "Sleek Essentials" Workout



"Prenatal Dance with Menina" Instructional Video

"New Girl On The Block" - Jordan Setacci

"You & Your Hands" - PINK

"We are the Champions" - William Hung

"Wild & Stupid" - Nicki Foxx

"Ooh The Way I Feel About You" - Bryton

"Don't Shake It" - Pony Boi ft Da Brat

"If You Were My Man" - Sarah

"Everytime" - Adam H.

"On the Radio" - Nelly Furtado

"A Ritorno Da Te" - Laura Pussini

"Nos Partenecemos" - Jorge Morales

"Arrepegaito" - Raza Obrera

"Swoop's Hip Hop Get Down" - Swoop

"Disco Mother******" - The Penfifteen Club



Skechers Industrial

Nuclear Cowboyz Tour

Another Cinderella Story Premiere

Cheetah Girls - One World Premiere

Miss Playmate Princess Pageant

"RAIN" World Tour

"Luis Miguel" World Tour

Middle East International Film Festival

Bette Midler @ Caesar's Palace

"Earth, Wind & Fire" World Tour

"Dance World Cup"

"American Choreography Awards"

"TNT / NBA" All-Star Celebrity Show

"98 Degrees" concert opening

"Eiffel 65" concert opening

"Coca-Cola" Parade

"Polaris Water" Parade

"Legends Alive" Impersonators show

PNE Opening Ceremonies

Club Med Sparks '99-'00

"Adidas" Harry Jerome Int'l Track Meet

"BC Summer Games" Opening Ceremonies

Canada Day Celebration

Barona Casino-New Years 2004

NBA Toronto Raptors Dance Pak


"Bryton" - recording artist

"Kayle" - recording artist

"Tara Shandel" - recording artist

"Aiden" - recording artist

"Porcelain Girl" - recording artist

"Brain Chain Freedom" - recording artist

"Prestige" - recording artists

"Nicola" - recording artist

"Leah DeVon" - recording artist

"Nicki Foxx" - recording artist



New Balance

Dr Linderbra Campaign

KM Maternity Catalog

Summum Magazine

Runner's World Magazine Cover

Muscle & Fitness - HERS

Best Body Fit

Body Magazine

Bodyguard Magazine

Sun Strap Campaign

Namco Calendar

MIG Records Calendar

Dance Adik



E3 Trade Show


"The International Beauty Show"

"A Vision of Fashion" - Plaza of Nations

"Youth Stars"

"Soul In the City"




"American Apparel"




Acting: TVI Actors Studios, The Actorsite, Gastown Actors Studio, ATV Studios, Actors Working Academy, Expressions Unlimited Bobbie & Larry Chance - Scene Study / Improv Ellie Kanner - Audition Techniques Christy Dooley - Soap Opera Scene Study Richard Kline - Comedy / Sitcom Workshop Matthew Harrison - Audition Workshop Simon Longmore - Audition class Paul McClean - Cold Reading & Scene Study Michael Berry - Cold Reading & Scene Study Jessica Vanderveen - Audition Workshop


Dance: The Edge, Millenium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynold's Dance Studio, Movement Lifestyle, Harbour Dance Centre (partial list)


Styles:  Jazz, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Lyrical, Baller, Acro, Riverdance, Break Dancing, Tap, Country, Afro, Latin, Musical Theatre, Stepping, Stomping, Locking, Grooving, Line, Square Dancing, Disco, Swing Voice:   Starlight Productions - Trudy Buckler Blake Gymnastics: Flicka Gym, Omega Gym, Quantum Gym


SPECIAL SKILLS:: 4 Spoken Languages - English, French, Spanish & Portuguese, Choreography, Modeling (Runway, Print, Promotional, Hand), Track & Field, Roller Bladding, Horseback Riding, Figure Skating, Swimming, Skiing (Alpine & Cross-Country), Basketball, Volleyball, Computer Literacy (Web Design, Internet & Word Processing)

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