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I am looking for MOTIVATED NEW MOMS WITH BABIES 2-12 MONTHS THAT LOVE TO DANCE that want to improve flexibility, rebuild strength, cardio, coordination and are ready to be a healthier & fitter version of themselves

  • Are you a new mom with a baby that loves dance?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your postpartum body?

  • Is it too much of a hassle to leave the house and workout at a local gym or studio?

  • How do you find the time to get back in shape if you're a new mom caring for a baby 24/7?

  • When is the right time for YOU to make YOU a priority & start exercising?​

  • Are you feel overwhelmed with the thought of getting started?

  • Are you lacking accountability and motivation to get back on track?





Hey, My name is Menina Fortunato


 I have been teaching dance for 25+ years, have an extensive dance background performing on TV, film, live shows, commercials all over the world (over 40 countries). I have taught thousands of dancers worldwide from small children to professionals and everyone in between. I was also a guest instructor on VHI's Celebrity Fit Club


I have shared the stage or the screen as a dancer with Britney Spears, Beyonce, Earth Wind & Fire, Beyonce, Carmen Electra, ZZ Top, Luis Miguel, Rain (Bi), Carrie Underwood, MC Hammer to name a few. I have also performed as a dancer on America's Got Talent, Star Trek: Enterprise, Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards, MAD TV, and was Jennifer Garner's Dance Double on Alias. 

I have danced through 3 pregnancies and created a dance workout for pregnant women called PRENATAL DANCE WITH MENINA.

I am now 40 years old - a wife with 3 kids & 2 dogs.  I got back in shape AT HOME DURING THE PANDEMIC through my dance workouts and organic nutrition. I just had baby #3 in April 2020 and toned up my mommy tummy in 8 months. I fit into the same clothes and am the same weight before I had kids in my 20s. More importantly, I FEEL more energized and confident.


I want to help other moms transform their bodies and life by creating a step-by-step action plan through my dance program so they can feel confident in their skin again.

And yet…

Not that long ago, I was feeling unmotivated and discouraged.

Postpartum recovery can be tough, especially in 2020-21 with little to no community support. My international dance teaching career & travel life came to a halt, I suddenly became a homeschool teacher with my other 2 kids, I transitioned to online dance teaching from home. I have never been home this long ever in my life so finding the time to balance mom life, work life & self care all at home has been incredibly challenging.


I started teaching dance to a group of moms in the the fall of 2020 and feeling incredibly inspired to help more moms around the world dance through motherhood.

Sometimes live classes can be challenging especially in different time zones, so I have a solution so you can workout at YOUR convenience from anywhere.

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to a healthier more fit mom that you can be proud of.


Let me show you how to find your groove again.

Here is what I’m proposing…


I’ve had a ton of new moms reach out to me interested in dancing with me.


So I had this crazy idea to build a step-by-step plan guide you from feeling unmotivated, discouraged & dissatisfied with your postpartum body to a more fit & energized version of you (tone your “mommy tummy”, hips, legs, butt), be more flexible, coordinated, feel confident and even sexy again.

Moms need moral support and encouragement too, so we while going through the process together with other new moms over 6 weeks. You will NOT be alone through this process. 

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to achieve your personal goals.


If you are interested in claiming one of the few spots available, fill out form below.



On Monday, February 8-10, 2021, I will host a FREE POSTNATAL DANCE WORKSHOP  for moms with babies





I am also including BONUS OFFERS

  • Bonus #1: FREE ONE-ON-ONE TRANSFORMATION SESSION WITH ME (30-45 minutes) after the workshop where we will put together a plan for you to reach your short term & long term goals

  • Bonus #2: 3 Days of Organic Meal Ideas to inspire you to make healthy nutritional choices. 

  • Bonus #3: Body Positive Facebook Community of Moms for Support & Accountability so you stay motivated & see results

  • Bonus #4: Access to my new beta app where you can do the workouts at your convenience

  • Bonus #5: 60% Discount to my 6 WEEK POSTNATAL DANCE CHALLENGE that includes to daily dance workouts, nutritional guide, organic meal ideas, weekly coaching calls & exclusive community to hold you accountable & create long term results.



Daily Dance Workouts accessible from my new beta app


20-25 minute dance classes x 3 days


Day 1- Cardio Dance with baby

Day 2 - Stretch & Sculpt with baby

Day 3 - Dance Class (mom only)


25% strengthening & sculpting exercises

50% cardio dance (dance styles will change weekly)


25% stretching 


Body positive community of moms with babies for support and accountability



Here are REAL unedited comments from our moms shared in our exclusive group who are currently doing our NEW 6 WEEK POSTNATAL DANCE CHALLENGE 

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